How to make a food board.

A grazing food board that contains cheese and charcuterie is an inviting appetizer and is easier to put together than you'd think. The board can contain meats, cheeses, and foods that compliment such as fruits, nuts, crackers, chocolates, pickles, and spreads. 

To make the best food board, focus on variety, taste and texture. Variety makes a board visually appealing; sweet and salty tastes will add complimentary flavours; and texture with ensure a diversity of mouthfeels. Altogether, ensuring your board is a definite crowd pleaser.


  • Start with a nice, large board and fill. 
  • Use soft cheeses like brie and herb flavoured goats cheese.
  • Use hard cheeses like cheddar and Dubliner.
  • If using meats, fold into a variety of patterns.
  • Add condiments like honey or fig jams to compliment the cheeses.
  • Fill in spaces with crackers, mini toasts and nuts. 
  • Add contrasting coloured fruits like red and green grapes or blueberries and raspberries. 
  • Top with chocolate dipped fruits and add a bunch of brittle at the top and bottom. 

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